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Step by Step Guide to Registering Online



How To Register Online For Soccer

Please ensure you have your Active Kids Voucher ready before you register online.


1.  Visit and select either re-register returning player or register new player. You do not need your own or your child’s FFA number as you did previously.


2. Choose the age group you want to register for and then search for Orange Ex-Services Soccer Club. Once you have located this select Start My Registration.


3. On the Welcome Screen it will show you what you need to complete your registration. Choose Get Started.


4. If you are registering a child you need to create your own account. This will allow you to link all children associated with your email address to your account. If registering for yourself proceed through the steps to create your account.


5. Once you have created your own personal account any children associated with your email address will be displayed. You need to link all children to register them online. Choose the children you wish to link and select Continue.


6. You then need to select the person that you wish to register or select new player if the person has never been registered before. Once you have selected hit Continue.



7. Product Select Screen:

From the drop down menus under Role select Player, Football Type choose Club Football and Playing Level choose Community. Then scroll down to select the correct Age Package that you wish to register for. Please choose the Age Package that your child will be playing in this year.


8. Continue through to update Participant Details and Emergency Contact information and select Continue.


9. The system will ask for a photo. We do not require this and you can simply press Continue.


10. Please read and accept all Terms and Conditions displayed by checking the appropriate boxes.


11. Proceed to the payment page and scroll down to the Vouchers menu to select Active Kids voucher. Enter your Voucher number and click Apply.


12. Enter your preferred payment method. Once completed, you can select Finish Registration or Register Another Player.


Please let us know if you require any assistance


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